Finding Joe-A must watch documentary


Life is nothing but an odyssey of self-discovery. You are always occupied working on a never ending list of wish lists—happiness, peace, success, money, relationships and the list goes on. But there are times when you are in doubt about your direction. You feel demotivated and lost. You desperately seek the clarity for the course of life. You want to discover badly where exactly you bliss lay. “Finding Joe”, this path breaking documentary guides you find your bliss

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell

The beauty of bliss journey is that you enjoy each moment of it whether it brings suffering or joy to you.  Your unwavering faith in the expedition adds magic touch in it. When a person listens to inner voice and opts for adventure call from the universe with all his strength and conviction; he certainly meets “Hero” inside of him. This inspiring movie actually takes you on the voyage of ‘Finding you’. The movie borrows inspiration from renown American mythologist and author Joseph Campbell’s philosophy. He studied mythological stories of different civilizations in depth. And he derived the conclusion that though there are thousands of different tales in all mythologies but their core remains the same irrespective of eras.

The Hero’s journey follows the same pattern across the world-separation, initiation and the return. Each story has a hero in a vulnerable situation. His potential is tested by sudden incidents or situations. The hero emerges as the winner in a sense that he finds his bliss. Then he returns home and shares his story with others. This has been discussed in an interesting way with the turning points of movies like Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Clash of Titans, The lord of the Ring, Rocky (1976) and The Matrix.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Paulo coelho

The movie opens with a simple story of Golden Buddha of Thailand. People never ever noticed the golden Buddha as it appeared made up of ordinary material. Once people accidently discover that Buddha is actually golden inside and it becomes the talk of the town.  The takeaway from the story is that it is not necessary that we are born golden. But we do have that Gold/God/Hero in each one of us and one can definitely find it by tracing the bliss.

When there is a call from the universe, the hero has to travel in a very different direction than the set one. The Hero sees that this chosen path is going to be filled with countless unknown challenges. But he believes that he shall overcome it. 

Magical things happens when you follow your bliss.

Jospeh Cambell

The celebrated author Paulo Coelho’s one of the books mention his famous quote that when we aspire something from the bottom of mighty heart and ready to face any wrath for it, the whole universe conspires in so that you get what we want. The whole plot of supportive events is unfolded for you so that you complete your bliss quest.  The universe prepares all the harmonious background for it. You will meet those kinds of people who will guide you to find your bliss.

The inputs from the wide array of experts with their unique life experiences make this film worth watching again and again.  “Finding Joe” paves the way for “Finding you.” The comments from the experts and Joesph Campbell’s quotes lingers on your mind for several days.  The movie constructively impacts your attitude towards life.

Experts Featured in the Documentary

Robert Walter, President, Joseph Campbell Foundation; Laird Hamilton, Big wave surfer; Tony Hawk, Skateboarder; Sir Ken Robinson,  Education Luminary; Robin Sharma, Author known for his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”; Deepak Chopra, Author who explains spirituality with science; Brian Johnson, Philosopher & Entrepreneur; Rashida Jones, Actor-Writer; Norman Ollestad, author and Chungliang Al Huang, Tao philosopher.