“You may be right but my gut feeling says that I shouldn’t trust that person.” Does this statement sound familiar? Most of us take decisions through brain logic. Many times we make wrong decisions with the help of rational mindset. But the decision taken out of gut feeling, most often turns out to be right. What’s this gut feeling? And from where does it arise? This gut is nothing but your navel plexus, called nabhi in Sanskrit.


According to Hatha-yoga-pradipika there are 72,000 nadis in the navel center so it has a very close connection to nervous mechanism. It is considered as the second brain in modern physiology. Our journey in this world starts from nabhi. When we come out of mother’s womb, we are connected to our mother through an umbilical cord which works as the nutrition carrier for us. Fear fills this region as soon as this umbilical cord cut at the time of birth. So since birth, fear arises in this region. It’s the seat of our emotions and energy. We feel the fear in our gut, nabhi. That’s why we use phrases like butterfly in my stomach to describe panic. You have to develop abhay—fearlessness–It helps you to listen to your second brain’s voice which works closely with the heart. This voice is also known as intuition or the sixth sense.

Yoga Sutra, yoga’s ultimate guide, mentions nabhi (navel plexus) is the mean to achieve knowledge of body. Yoga Sutra has total 160 verses which are divided into four parts Samadhipad, Sadhanapad, Vibhutipad and Kaivalyapad. A 29th sutra from vibhutipada; नाभिचक्रे कायव्यूहज्ञानम् (nabhichakre kayavyuha jnanam), says through a technique samyama (control) on the navel center, one can get the knowledge of whole body. This knowledge can be absolute understanding three doshas of vata, pitta and kapha and also three gunas sattva, rajas and tamas. Yogic techniques like breathing and meditation can be used to relax the tension from navel center. The Sufis and Tao masters believe that we are all connected to cosmos. Our navel center connects us to cosmos. That’s the reason their entire work is on centering the navel.

However, here, we are exploring the technique ‘sound’ through which you can observe Samyama and activate your navel center. How can sound help you to balance your navel center? Rivesh Vade, Sound Healing Master, in a candid conversation with us, discusses in detail different aspects of navel center and its activation through sound.

What’s the significance of navel centre?

Rivesh Vade: Navel is the center of our body. Nave means center. This center governs an energy flow in our body. We have three centers in our body—brain, heart and navel. A recent study has discovered that our heart has neurons as well. That’s the reason so many people get intuitions. For ages people gave importance only to a single center which is brain. The more we spent energy and time on thoughts and logic, more we lose connection with the navel and the heart.

However, nowadays few have started operating from the heart—love. But the use of heart center alone is as risky as the exclusive application of brain. Your love may be taken for granted. And you may experience a heart break. A use of navel center along with heart gives you support.

Today people are confused and lack clarity in thoughts. Loads of information is available to them at one click. But they can’t make right choice as clarity is not there. More you operate from brain, more you lose the connection with your energy centers. You tend to fall sick as your energy supply becomes inadequate. Small events can disturb and make them depressed. And the moment you work on your navel, your life is totally different.

Why did you choose work on activation of navel, not heart?

RV: There are many who are working on the brain already. As I said before, some have started working on the heart too. Mind techniques are used in some workshops to train our brain and feel good. I also learned these mind techniques since childhood. I experienced the change the way I used to carry self, in my career and many other aspects of life. Along with the sharpness of mind I noticed that anger, jealousy, fears and doubts are also started raising their heads in me. I tried a mind technique of positive affirmation. I repeatedly told myself that I am not jealous but it didn’t work at all. Even many times I felt that I am a bad person and don’t deserve to be spiritual. I lost self respect and love.

Moreover, purposely I avoided exploring spirituality as I always thought spirituality has some association with religion or rituals. But I wanted to come out of these self destructive feelings. At the peak of bad and sad feelings, I met an accident that changed my life dramatically. With wounded body I felt so good, grateful and fearless. Something I tried for 17 years happened within a moment. What was exactly happened? Something hit into my navel during the accident and that hit was so strong that it removed all my fears. From that moment, the graph of my spiritual and financial progress has just moved up.

I wanted to understand why this happened to me. After few months I got a revelation of arrow and bow—a bow with one end tied and one end loose. Here an arrow was nothing but the heart, tied end was brain whereas untied one was navel. If we launch an arrow with a loose end bow, it would hit back to you only. That’s why one who tries to operate just from the heart, has been badly hit in his life. It hurts you because your lower end is not tied. Hence, the moment the lower end is tied, it will hit in a right direction. I shared this revelation with my Guru. He said since it is revealed to you, it will get downloaded to you.

I started working on navel with the sound. Gradually I learned the connection between the sound and DNA. Our body is made up of DNAs. And the body’s center is navel. So I focused on DNAs for navel activation. People who have done navel activation are out of fear and jealousy. They experienced miracles in their life. Singles wanted to marry from long time, tied the knot very soon after the activation. Women, who tried all means to conceive, were blessed with a baby. Many landed their dream jobs and assignments.

What do you exactly do in the workshop?

RV: This is not magic, but pure science. It occurs due to change in frequency. We work with the sound. A workshop is designed in such way such that it lasts for two days. We do cleansing on first day of workshop–we work on person’s emotions, make him relaxed and settled. We produce some sounds because which navel activation takes pace. And after that navel activation, they are no more feeling jealousy. They may not get disturbed by competition. You need to know where you need to be. That understanding comes through the knowledge of navel. That’s the reason manifestations start to happen. An individual feels highly energetic and enthusiastic. He gets the clarity in thoughts. He becomes free from restlessness and irritation.

How DNA & navel center function together?

RV: Ancient practice says that all 72000 nadis meet in our navel. Our bodies held up together by sound—sound nothing but the frequency. Our DNA vibrates at particular frequency. Our DNAs inherit almost 60 to 70 % patterns of decision making, beliefs, diseases, saving money, earning money and relationships. We not only carry patterns from our parents but also from our ancestors whom we don’t know. These patterns are stored in a form of frequency in our DNAs. These frequencies can be altered for the best with the right frequencies. That process is nothing but navel activation. Japanese people believe this is the ocean of energy. It means it has tremendous energy it can burn anything—diseases, impurities and negativity. Our ancient Rishis used to burn karmas so that they can reach samadhi.

Is it possible to heal cancer and kidney patient through navel activation?

RV: People can be healed–not only for life threatening illnesses but it can be used to put your life back on the track. A person wherever is stuck, can come out of it with navel activation.

Is navel activation is possible with self help, without master’s guidance?

RV: The moment you start working on navel, you may get into some kind anxiety. Absence of proper knowledge and training you may touch the wrong point. For example, a wrong kind deep breathing may land up you in trouble. So learning a right way from the right master is very essential.

Can you share some participants’ experience of navel activation?

RV: A boy called me last week from Bangalore to share miracle of his life. He was very happy that he got the job in one of the top ten IT companies in India. Previously he was employed with a small organization. He thought I did some miracle for him but it was he who did it. His frequency was changed. The changed frequency brought the changes in his life. Actually, he was very desperate before. People used to sense that he’s desperate. Now he is relaxed and calm. When you are calm, you are more productive, and companies prefer to hire efficient people.