Some of you may want to take up yoga as the activity from long time but always find yourself in dilemma–most of the times out of some peculiar notions about yoga practice. If you have been postponing your encounter with the yoga practice due to following hysterical reasons, then it is high time that you should clean your dust ridden yoga mat in the store room which is eagerly waiting to see the sun.

I am not a morning person:

The nature of work doesn’t allow you to go to bed early in the night. Or you are too occupied watching web series during wee hours that you can’t push yourself out of blanket next morning. You see that some of your friends are posting some nice yoga postures on social handles. You also have read much about yoga and want to give it a try too.

But you give excuse to self? I can’t manage getting up in the morning you know. I have tried it so many times. Does it really matter whether you practice yoga asanas in the morning, afternoon or in the evening? From the olden times, early mornings are preferred because this is the time all Yogis do their tapasya. You will be receiving their energy. You feel much energized throughout the day if you choose to practice yoga at the time of sun rise.

However, if you have some household work or your profession requires early day commitments, you can definitely practice any time during the day. The chances of you being healthy and fit are more if you practice any convenient time of the day than totally skipping it due to busy and messy day breaks.

I am not flexible enough:

Many prefer to stay away from Yoga as they are intimidated by perfect postures and bodies of yoga models across media. We need to understand that some people are blessed with natural flexibility. But consistent practice of asanas will ensure that you will be able to manage spilt one day too. The journey towards it will be self gratifying. The flawless postures of yoga models are actually the outcome of several years of practice. And believe me, to get that heavenly appearance, many times, you have to go through the hardcore and long term yoga asanas practice. The chances of injury gets higher if you try to break all the body limits in initial months of practice only. The regular practice of asanas will give you required health and fitness benefits. Never forget that yoga is for your wellness; it is holistic science. So practice and experience magic of yoga and don’t try to compare yourself with others. You will understand that yoga has much to offer than the sculpted body.

Yoga is for women:

This is another belief that keeps males away from the Yoga practice. You believe yoga is more about grace and flexibility, nothing about strength and stamina. The media images of yoga substantiate it as we come across pictures and videos that show more model/gymnast kind of women practicing yoga.

There are men yoga teachers and male yoga practitioners too but the number is tiny if compared with women yoga followers. And men shun away till the time their doctor prescribed them yoga. But the surprising fact is that Yoga was actually originated, studied and practiced by men since many thousands years. Our majority of renowned yoga gurus were males.

It is in the modern era, women got the freedom to do what they like and they happily adopted the practice of yoga. The major reason young men don’t choose yoga as the mean of health and fitness as they have mindset that yoga is for old people; it is slow and it is just about flexibility. Yoga asanas and pranayama practice helpful in improving your performance in every sport, activity or the game you take up.

I am not a vegetarian:

You don’t need to turn into a vegetarian to practice yoga. It is completely your choice. Your practice will not suffer just because you are eating meat or fish. Many people reduced their meat intake or become vegetarian after years of yoga practice. This change happens because of enhanced awareness, not due to any pushed ideology. Being vegetarian means you are becoming more eco friendly and establishing lifestyle that is aligned with the nature. At the same time, this doesn’t happen with every yoga practitioner.

I might turn Sanyasi, vairagi or boring person:

There is a baseless fear that the person who practices yoga over long period, may lose interest in worldly pleasures. This is totally untrue. You will get rid of some of your bad habits and will become a more aware person. Your idea pleasures or joy might get transformed as you learn to establish a better connect with your body and mind. Practice will make you more aware of your emotions & thoughts and will help you make the changes in your thought processes. This will help you understand the same situations and people in different and wider perspectives. Hence, the quotient of calmness, peace and contentment will increase in your life.

But there will be some moments when you will lose your temperament and you may not behave ideally. But that is completely fine. You accept yourself with your all flaws. This acceptance is yoga. You will be happier than before but the chances of being happy all the time is just not possible. When you are not in the state of happiness, it doesn’t mean you are unhappy. There is a state between happiness and unhappiness; you may called it ‘neutral’. It is also a good state to have!  You can see in the adjacent picture one young women chosen the off beaten path of Ashrama life and at the same time, I who opted to teach yoga. Both of us are happy to see each other. The kind of people you meet once you take up yoga can be unique as well as interesting.