If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
Nikola Tesla

The system of yoga shares a close connection with the sound. Chanting is an integral to Yoga. You will hardly come across any yoga follower who has not recited OM during his yoga practice and didn’t find it effective and enticing. Sound was used in healing from ancient times. Ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greek also knew the healing powers of sound. The ancient Greeks used the flute and the lyre for treating illnesses. Sounds can help to enhance quality of health and life. It can improve health and financial conditions, foster harmonious relationships, alleviate pain, reduce stress, treat depression, and create a better life.

The bond between sound and yoga goes much deeper when we learn the fundamental philosophy of yoga—Samkhya Philosophy. Yoga Sutra, highly recommended and celebrated yoga text guide worldwide by Patanjali is actually based on Samkhya Philosophy—one of the six ancient orthodox Indian philosophies. Samkhya teaches us about the components of the body, mind, and spirit—from the gross elements that make up the physical body to the more subtle elements of the mind and consciousness. Based on the understanding we gain from Samkhya, we learn yoga starting from the gross (asanas—physical level), moving next to the subtler levels of mind and soul through pranayama and meditation. 

Vibhushri’s Felicitation at MIT World Peace University, Pune

As per Samkhya philosophy, the five gross elements—akash (ether), vayu (air), agni (fire), jala (water), prithvi (earth) originate from five anmatras—subtle elements—shabda (sound), sparsha (touch), roopa (vision), rasa (taste) and gandha (smell) , which are related to each sense organ. Sound is the tanmatra of ether element which is first and vast in all gross elements related to ear.  The French Dr Alfred Tomatis from 19th century considered that the ear is the most important sense organ as it works as the body’s balance organs and it is also the conductor of nervous system.

I am one of his blessed students who got the opportunity to attend his many DNA & navel activation sessions, interact with him on different spiritual topics. People who have attended his workshops and listened to his sound tracks; have experienced transformational shift in their lives. He is an engineering post-graduate and done executive management from IIT Bombay and he was working with IT company before exploring the enchanting world of sounds. You may be now curious to know why he chose a offbeat path of sounds, how these sounds really work in the wellbeing of human being and above all yoga’s connection with the sound.  A warm and interesting chat with Vibhushri Rivesh Vade will give you some answers.

Abhilasha : How does it work in wellbeing or healing of the person? What’s the science behind it?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade:
We have different brain wavelengths. When you are restless brainwaves are more than 1400Hz and when relaxed lesser than that—lesser the brainwaves, well for your immunity and aura development. Sound frequency activates your brainwaves in such way that it creates happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine and which are very beneficial to mind body wellbeing. Dr Alfred Tomatis of 19th century believed that whatever frequency you are into you will get the same frequency in your voice too. However, we can consciously tune our voice to harmonious sounds.

Abhilasha : How did the role shift happen—from being an IITian to Vibhushri?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: I met with a near death kind of accident around eight years back. I was bedridden for 3-4 months. Those months were quite relaxed and happy though it was actually a painful situation. I was sure that something good is arriving in my life, and that good was nothing but the sound.  I utilized my compulsory rest time listening different sounds and music. And there was a moment when sounds started spilling their secrets to me. I found sounds very interesting and powerful.   Soothing and relaxing experience with sounds encouraged me to study it in detail through books and internet. You may need to study more if you want to help somebody through sound frequency. But things were happening really faster as I started getting specific details of sound in a very limited period. I felt that I have many masters in my body and that are imparting me knowledge of sound.

Abhilasha : Is it possible to lose with the sound?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: Weight loss is not about limiting food intake but it’s all about balancing the hormones. Hormones and emotions are interdependent. All emotions have different frequencies. So emotions may get manifested into losing our health, causing illness and weight gain. Thyroid is the gland which plays an essential role in weight management. Many women with weight issues have imbalance in thyroid hormone–hypothyroid. Sound helps you to activate this gland. It works at both emotional and glandular level. It also works at mind level. Many people have lost the weight because by tuning themselves to sound. It actually motivates you to go for physical activities and exercise to achieve weight loss.

Abhilasha: How can sound make the difference to inter personal relationships?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: Sound can calm you. The moment you calm down, your inner equilibrium definitely shifted towards harmony. As I mentioned earlier all emotions have their own frequencies that get into our voice. Everyone can tune their voice tone for their wellbeing. For that I teach one exercise bio-tunings. You can tune your voice for better relationships, better finance. And we have been successful in this endeavor. Success is nothing but the frequency. Depressed and calm individuals have different frequencies. A successful person’s voice tone is totally different–relaxed yet confident. At the same time when you listen to the voice of who’s in struggle you can recognize he’s in struggle. He may, however, show that he’s successful but you can note down restlessness in his voice which speaks louder than his words. He will attract same struggle again if he doesn’t tune self to better frequency.

Abhilasha : How many times and how long one should listen to these sounds to get the best results?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: Tuning yourself once in a day is sufficient. You should continuously listen to it at least for six weeks. You can continue or stop after six weeks occasionally you can tune self.  A big shift takes place in a very first week but results are visible after six weeks.

Abhilasha: Does it mean working on seven chakras would be enough if you want improvement in any area of life as they represent all emotions?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: Yes, seven chakras are related to all your emotions so you can have a good impact in all areas of your life. We don’t work on kundalini but on emotions attached with respective chakras. For example, if there is a blockage in muladhar chakra, feeling of frequent insecurity and fear overwhelms the person. We play the sound frequency which can remove the negativity around the root chakra. When these negative emotions are released one automatically gets into harmony.

Abhilasha : What kind of relationship yoga and sound frequency shares according to you?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade:
Yoga is the beginning of everything. Entire body is full of sensations (sanskaras). Sensations are nothing but the frequencies. You can recognize the touch of your near and dear ones. It is nothing but the frequency in terms of sensations. Many times we carry sensations from childhood and even from our ancestors. If they have been through some traumatic situations then you will feel the fear for no reason outside because that fear was trapped in your DNA. You may feel fear for very small reasons.

These fear sensations don’t allow you to grow spiritually. When in fear there is a change in your body–sometime you have butterfly in stomach or our palms and feet start sweating. Such sensations are neutralized with yoga. One has to remove all sensations if they want to reach higher goals. When a person sits in meditation; his sensations are suddenly more active. Same person, however, can watch 2-3 hours long movie without any disturbing sensations. All unnecessary negative sensations are removed with yoga. Everything starts with hatha yoga and ends with laya yoga. Sound actually helps us to reach directly to laya yoga.

Abhilasha: Earlier, DNA & Navel activation sessions were costly for the general public but since last two years  you have started mass sound healing sessions. It is benefiting more and more people. How did this shift happen and how has been the response & experience so far?

Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: People have gained tremendous results from these workshops.  Many attendees were following a spiritual path from the last 15 to 20 years but they couldn’t find anything profound out of it. Those who attended these sound sessions could feel the inner transformation within 3 to 6 months. That is really impressive.  These participants were blessed with the freedom from restlessness. They could feel acceleration in their spiritual growth. The enhanced presence of bodh (awareness) was experienced by these groups. People become more aware about themselves. We also realized that free doesn’t help much. So we started taking nominal fees so that people understand the seriousness of these sessions and our purpose of making them aware gets fulfilled.

Abhilasha: What’s the significance of wari and why should one take this journey?

Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: Wari is nothing but anubhav. Yoga”s objective is to understand the flow. Many people cannot feel their body  because of samskaras and traumas build over the period in the body and mind.

When warkari walks many miles by chanting God’s name continuously; he gets aware of his sharira (Physical body). He can feel that pain due to physical exertion and at the same time they find their blissful body. Being aware of internal naad is very important. Our Project Mauli (It can be translated as mother but  the concept mauli has wider dimensions). Lord Vithoba (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) is also known as Vithu Mauli.  We all seek love. Heart attacks are very common these days.  One of the reasons for heart attacks can be attributed to lack of love.

Abhilasha: Don’t you think one of the reasons can be wrong lifestyle?

Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: Mauli is about contentment even when she makes others full.

State of being is the key here . If you are content from inside, eating simple food will make you happy. Lifestyle gets affected because of the state of being. We don’t have direct control on our lifestyle. Even simple food can give us adequate satisfaction. 

Abhilasha: That’s really true. I never thought this way.

 What message would you like to give people who have experienced unusual stress patterns in the last two years. Life has changed for each one of us. How to deal with this new situation and new ‘me’?
Vibhushri Rivesh Vade: This is not the first time that humanity has faced a turbulent time. The world has been through several wars, lifegulping pandemics, floods, droughts and tsunamis. Our rishis have already given us the way to deal with it. Bhagwad Gita directs about working on hriday- daurablya–weakening of the heart . When we work on yoga practices and other ways given by ancestors; we are working on strengthening of the heart.

We live tow lives at a time–one is inner and other is outer. The outside life is ruled by confusion, fear and ego. They all disturb us.  Inside life, however, is marked by awareness.  We need to work on that awareness. If we are strong enough from inside, the outside world challenges will not disrupt our life so badly. We should accept it first that we have this blissful state of being and also that our scriptures & rishis’ wisdom can help us to realize its presence. People give up on their life because of odds.

The Bhagwad Gita second chapter 48th shloka says it all. Yogastha kuru kurmani-let’s be established in self–it means individual’s each and every action should be done being in Yoga. The results of such actions will be beautiful. When we are entangled in the outside world, our decisions reflect our fears. But when “I” take decisions from my inner world, they help me grow and prosper in life. Yoga and work are not different. The way asanas are considered yoga, in Gita the life is considered as yoga. We need to utilize each and every event. We might not have adequate knowledge how to go about it. At such times , taking guidance from Tatva vyakti (A person established in principles) or acharya or jnani. It is not possible for each one us to understand scriptures by studying them. Learning it from the awakened being can help.

You can get to know more about his workshops and programs here: https://wellnessvibe.com/