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Pandemic has been such a blessing in disguise

Meenakshi  Singh is one of the scientists who doesn’t treat science and spirituality as different entities. At present, this researcher is in South Korea,  exploring more effective and economical possibilities in cancer treatment. Prior to that she was  in-charge of a transplant diagnostic laboratory in Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai.  The Tata center is recognized for its extensive cancer research and treatments. The center sees  the footfalls of cancer patients across India. She has witnessed the pain and misery of cancer patients very closely. Along with modern medications and treatments,  decoding knowledge from our ancient shastras  and adapting it can help humans to live healthy, happy and meaningful lives, according to her.  This dynamic immunologist was featured in an esteemed book that celebrates the Yin energy –‘Aura : Stories of Inspiring Women.’ Superyogis had  engrossing soul to soul talk with her. She uncovers unknown (for layman) aspects of cancer & cancer research and shares her spiritual journey that marks her journey from the self to the self.  What’s the area of focus of your research? Meenakshi Singh: I am on study leave. I am working on immunotherapy. I was in-charge of  a transplant diagnostic laboratory in Tata Memorial Centre. We were working in the laboratory to identify or in layman’s language matching compatibility genes-HLA match and identifying a good donor for a patient suffering from blood cancer for bone marrow...

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Uplifting Conversation with Vibhushri on Divine Sounds

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.Nikola Tesla The system of yoga shares a close connection with the sound. Chanting is an integral to Yoga. You will hardly come across any yoga follower who has not recited OM during his yoga practice and didn’t find it effective and enticing. Sound was used in healing from ancient times. Ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greek also knew the healing powers of sound. The ancient Greeks used the flute and the lyre for treating illnesses. Sounds can help to enhance quality of health and life. It can improve health and financial conditions, foster harmonious relationships, alleviate pain, reduce stress, treat depression, and create a better life. The bond between sound and yoga goes much deeper when we learn the fundamental philosophy of yoga—Samkhya Philosophy. Yoga Sutra, highly recommended and celebrated yoga text guide worldwide by Patanjali is actually based on Samkhya Philosophy—one of the six ancient orthodox Indian philosophies. Samkhya teaches us about the components of the body, mind, and spirit—from the gross elements that make up the physical body to the more subtle elements of the mind and consciousness. Based on the understanding we gain from Samkhya, we learn yoga starting from the gross (asanas—physical level), moving next to the subtler levels of mind and soul through pranayama and meditation. ...

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