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Goodbye to 2021 with Gratitude

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance— Eckhart Tolle The year 2021 is going to be history soon and 2022 will dawn upon us. The year 2020 and 2021 will always be remembered as the lockdown and corona years. At the end of 2020, we were expecting that our lives will be much better in 2021 and the humans will get the freedom from corona. Nevertheless, people accepted the presence of corona in 2021 and started working on impoverishing their lives.  The scenario certainly looks better in 2021 though not as grand as expected. The pandemic also marks chaos in world politics & economics along with individuals’ finances & minds. The year 2021 witnessed traumas, loss of lives and jobs; and at the same time, there was a rise of new entrepreneurs who identified opportunities in disguise. At the same time, individuals started concentrating more on the inner mechanism–contentment, satisfaction and overall wellbeing. Transitional 2021 People started working on their well-being more than before. The year 2020 saw the struggle of managing family and work together from home whereas 2021 brought somewhat balance to it. The human being has changed more inside than outside. The whole approach and attitude towards life has gone through a transformation. A year 2021 deserves special gratitude and appreciation that has channelized our lives towards a...

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How I handled post break-up trauma?

I have been having severe anxiety and depression for almost a decade, I just came to know about its severity in the recent past. My anxiety was so extreme that I couldn’t sleep for months. It has affected my relationships, work and almost everything in general. I tried going to therapy in the past few years, but every time it was a failure as they weren’t able to recognize my patterns. Medication also didn’t work much as it started affecting my health (I would never recommend medication as the first solution to mental illness).  Waking up sweating and with a racing heart become a norm for me. It would result in panic attacks. I lived with this pattern with for years. Since people aren’t much aware of mental illness, I couldn’t even discuss it with my family members or any friend due to social stigma attached to it. It came to a point where I stopped sleeping. And then the lock-down happened which devastated my relationship that affected me badly. I couldn’t get up from my bed for a week and couldn’t even finish my breakfast, which was just a glass of milk.  Yoga worked for me I had to do something about it or else I would have gone crazy. In May 2021, I was diagnosed with critical loneliness and peak anxiety and depression. Then, two of my...

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Uplifting Conversation with Vibhushri on Divine Sounds

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.Nikola Tesla The system of yoga shares a close connection with the sound. Chanting is an integral to Yoga. You will hardly come across any yoga follower who has not recited OM during his yoga practice and didn’t find it effective and enticing. Sound was used in healing from ancient times. Ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greek also knew the healing powers of sound. The ancient Greeks used the flute and the lyre for treating illnesses. Sounds can help to enhance quality of health and life. It can improve health and financial conditions, foster harmonious relationships, alleviate pain, reduce stress, treat depression, and create a better life. The bond between sound and yoga goes much deeper when we learn the fundamental philosophy of yoga—Samkhya Philosophy. Yoga Sutra, highly recommended and celebrated yoga text guide worldwide by Patanjali is actually based on Samkhya Philosophy—one of the six ancient orthodox Indian philosophies. Samkhya teaches us about the components of the body, mind, and spirit—from the gross elements that make up the physical body to the more subtle elements of the mind and consciousness. Based on the understanding we gain from Samkhya, we learn yoga starting from the gross (asanas—physical level), moving next to the subtler levels of mind and soul through pranayama and meditation. ...

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6 Takeaways from my Yoga Story

There are two known ways one can fall in love with another person—one you fall in love at first sight and in a second scenario, you fall in love with him/her gradually as you start exploring each other. I am having that second kind of love affair with yoga. Falling in love helps you develop a unique understanding of another person and sharing one of its kind proximity with that person. So my bond with yoga is as exclusive and intimate as falling in love. The purpose of taking up yoga, like many of you, was to manage my stress and at the same time take care of physical fitness. When I began my yogasana practice, I had no idea that my acquaintance with yoga would turn into a long lasting affair. I never visualised in adolescenthood, not even in my distant dreams that I will take up yoga as the profession to realise my true potential. During childhood, thanks to 90’s television serials, I always perceived myself as the dashing and dynamic investigative journalist, who would pen real stories of poor virtuous people who can’t’ stand for themselves. Life is filmy, but not that filmy Post journalism studies, I tried to convey this fire of journalism inside me during my job interviews as a fresher, but I found hardly anyone seemed impressed. For them, I was one more...

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Yoga Benefits for Health & Fitness

Look out for these signs; yoga is working for you.  Health and fitness benefits of yoga are generally measured in terms of weight loss or inches loss. A goal of healthy weight is always desirable and appreciable as we can protect our self from many lifestyle diseases, look more young and beautiful, and live long and happy too. But considering your yoga regime as just a means to shed your extra pounds is like asking a Genie a fruit plate or a glass of water when he can offer you something more magnificent than your expectations. Yoga benefits beyond weight loss Some of my students keep on asking me when they will achieve their targeted weight loss (in kilograms). This question generally comes after they register desirable changes in their sleep quality, breathing patterns, and shape of the body, looks and overall health. Sometimes they carry just 5 to10 pounds of excess weight than their ideal weight. And I have to observe their body through zoom lenses to find out where those extra pounds reside in her/his body as his/her appearance looks quite in shape and attractive too. But obsession with ideal weight doesn’t allow her/him to enjoy other benefits of yoga practice. Yoga means complete wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual The concepts of health, fitness or wellbeing cannot be defined merely in terms of weight loss. You...

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