‘Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha’, can be considered as one of the essential modern yoga manuals for Hatha Yoga. This book was published by Bihar School of Yoga in 1969. The author Swami Satyanand Sarswati who was initiated by Swami Sivananda Saraswati has given details which a sincere yoga follower would love to know.

This book is for a yoga student who has been practicing  yoga regularly from 2-3 years, will be very happy to go through it as he will find interesting dimensions of his Hatha Yoga practice.  On the other hand, a beginner, will find it quiet heavy.


The verses from ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ of Swatmarama, the most ancient reference book on Hatha Yoga in the beginning of each section makes you realized that as the yoga follower you are taking ahead the thousand years old science, moreover a way of life. This book introduces Hatha Yoga practice in a very simple and profound way. The major section of the book has been devoted to asanas. Swamiji has explained each and every asana with their significance, limitations and how to perform it under the categories of beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Many Hatha Yoga followers are more aware of Asanas but Hatha Yoga is much wider concept. Swami Satyanand Saraswati explanation of Pranayamas, Bandhas, Mudra and Shatkramas takes you further deep in physiological yoga. Though Haha Yoga is all about health and wellness of the body and mind, it also carries the power to make you more spiritually awaken. And when you study this book deeply, you will experience the change in the dimension of yoga practice on the mat as well as off the mat. In Swami’s words, “Yoga is far from being simply being physical exercise. It is an aid to establishing a new perception of what is real, what is necessary, and how to become established in a way of life which embraces both inner and outer realities. This way of life is an experience which cannot be understood intellectually and only become living knowledge through practice and experience”.