Zen Bull Story: A journey of discovering our true being

A Zen bull story illustrates self-realization/enlightenment or experiencing trance/thoughtlessness during meditation. Each person will decipher this story as per his own understanding.  Each seeker goes through a different...





Upvistha Konasana (wide angle seated forward bend)

 Contraindications: Avoid any kind of injury in pelvic floor or hips or severe arthritis. Slipped disc. Preparatory postures: Janu sirsasana, Parivritta Janu Sirsasana and chakki chalanasana. Steps for the practice: Sit...

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6 Takeaways from my Yoga Story

There are two known ways one can fall in love with another person—one you fall in love at first sight and in a second scenario, you fall in love with him/her gradually as you start exploring each other. I am having that second...

Yogic Recipies


What Yoga & Ayurveda say about your food

Ayurveda defines body and food relationship as Ahar Sambhavo Deha–means body is derived from the food. The enlightened men always believed you are what you eat. The kind of food one eats; plays a catalyst role in building...