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Do you give yourself these excuses for not practicing yoga?

Some of you may want to take up yoga as the activity from long time but always find yourself in dilemma–most of the times out of some peculiar notions about yoga practice. If you have been postponing your encounter with the yoga practice due to following hysterical reasons, then it is high time that you should clean your dust ridden yoga mat in the store room which is eagerly waiting to see the sun. I am not a morning person: The nature of work doesn’t allow you to go to bed early in the night. Or you are too occupied watching web series during wee hours that you can’t push yourself out of blanket next morning. You see that some of your friends are posting some nice yoga postures on social handles. You also have read much about yoga and want to give it a try too. But you give excuse to self? I can’t manage getting up in the morning you know. I have tried it so many times. Does it really matter whether you practice yoga asanas in the morning, afternoon or in the evening? From the olden times, early mornings are preferred because this is the time all Yogis do their tapasya. You will be receiving their energy. You feel much energized throughout the day if you choose to practice yoga at the time of sun...

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What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga works on physical, psychophysical and psychological aspects and also known as the Physiological Yoga the Ghatsya Yoga. Gorakshnath, a disciple of Matsyendrantah is considered as the reformist Hatha Yogi of his era. He travelled across India to teach systematic Yoga—now known as the system of Hatha Yoga.  Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Sanskrit manual on Hatha Yoga was written by Gorakshnath’s disciple Swami Swatmarma. Lord Shiva, however, is regarded as the originator of Hatha Yoga. The term Hatha is derived from two Sanskrit root sounds ‘ha’ and ‘tha’. The sound Ha represents the solar flow in the right nostril (Pingla Nadi) whereas Tha stands for lunar flow in the left nostril (Ida Nadi). These sounds signify two opposite forces; positive and negative respectively.  Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas and Satkarmas are together forms the system of Hatha Yoga. It is said that with the mastery of each asana, the body and the mind both experience a rebirth. Asanas (comfortable body postures) are developed to induce a new life and energy in every cell, glands, joint, muscle, gland and organ of the body. According to HathaYoga Pradipika, asanas should be practiced gaining steady and correct posture, health and lightness of the body.  It is said that with the mastery of each asana, the body and the mind both experience a rebirth. And that’s why individuals practicing Yoga regularly look and feel more younger than their peers. Asanas improves concentration, co-ordination, and body awareness. Gorakshnath,...

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Guru Gorakshnath

‘Go’ in Sanskrit means earth and ‘raksha’ means to protect. It is believed that the earth protected the boy so he was called Gorakshnath. There are many stories about his birth and birth place. Some believe he was born in Punajb region, while others claim he was born as Buddhist. Though he is known as the disciple of Matsyendranath, there was around three centuries gap between his and Guru Gorakshnath’s period. Natha is a religious sect that follows the teaching combination of Shaivism, Buddhism and Hatha Yoga. It is said that Guru Matsyendranath was the one who founded Natha Sampradya (sect) but the natha sect flourished during Gorakshanath saga. City of Gorakhpur is named after Gorakhnath. India and Nepal have many ashrams and temples devoted to teaching of Gorakshnatha. Gorakshnath, was, a well-travelled yogi of his time; so you will observe that each region in India including Nepal has own theory of his birth. He is also known as the founder of “kanphata yogis” who followed Hath Yoga in a spiritual way. You will come across many Kanphata yogis in Himalyan region today too. Rishi Gorakshnath’s contribution to Hatha Yoga and Natha traditions is just invaluable. The Shiva Samhita sees the potential of asana in each living creature on this earth. It is believed that there are 84 lakhs of species. Lord Shiva has listed 84 essential Asanas in...

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